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Ayadi Foundation for Community Development is a non-profit organization, registered under No. 2491 of 2022, and operates following the provisions of Law No. 149 of 2019 regulating the practice of civil work in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Board of Trustees

The Foundation is managed by a Board of Trustees that works in a fully voluntary manner without monetary rewards to serve the Foundation and achieve its humanitarian and development goals. 

In the execution of its work, the Foundation relies on a set of modern administrative procedures and strategies that it is keen to apply efficiently and effectively to achieve the goals it aspires to in the charitable, social, and development fields, and through its procedure, which is represented in achieving sustainability in charitable, humanitarian and cultural work to build a capable society in all aspects by upholding Values:

Mission & Vision

Achieving a decent life

 for the neediest groups in society and helping them overcome the stage of need to the stage of rehabilitation, sufficiency, or production, and strengthening and supporting individuals by creating real opportunities in all humanitarian fields.


The Foundation aims to spread and reduce the concept of sustainable charitable work
and support the values ​​of active participation of individuals and social elites to support
the groups most in need scientifically and financially by benefiting from the experiences
of individuals and different social elites, whether intellectual, practical or material, to
enable and assist groups of youth, women, poor families, the disabled, the elderly and
all other groups in need through training, rehabilitation, work, and initiative to obtain
better opportunities in life and to transform into a positive and effective feature in its
small surroundings and society as a whole.


Promoting society to evolve and progress by providing a helping hand to the neediest
groups and creating real opportunities for them to achieve the principle of sustainable
development in charitable and community work.

God Almighty has blessed many of us with countless blessings, and it is the duty of
praising the blessings to share with those who were deprived of them some of what God
has granted to us in terms of experiences, ideas, and executive and scientific
capabilities to put the less fortunate people and groups on the right path to enter the
depth of life armed with enough amount of ability to be active members in society
through a set of training and rehabilitation programs and initiatives and opening
prospects for work, production, education, and health in front of them.

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